View Full Version : Port-au-Prince is Over Populated

05-06-04, 04:00 PM
I recently visited Port-au-Prince after 20 years. It is like the city is over populated. Street venders are in all the streets. Vehicles cannot circulate anymore.
I went by "Croix des Bossales" where I saw naked kids looking for food on piles of trash. Tears came out of my eyes(I am weak on kids).
This made me think that there should be a "family Planning" program to control the population in Port-au-Prince.

What do you all think?

I will appreciate all your feedbacks.

I love you all,


05-06-04, 04:33 PM
There should be, first of all ,responsible leaders with a vision and a heart leading the country and not the traditional leaders who listen to their voices when they talk.


05-06-04, 07:44 PM
Family Planning should be a priority for any progressive government in Haiti.Over population is not only a demographic concept;it must be seen in relationship to the PNB of the country.How are we going to feed 15 millions haitians in the next decades?

The last time I visited Haiti was in 1980;my friends told me that there is no comparison between the country that I visited then and the condition of Haiti now.What is scary is that Haitians don't seem to realize the danger ahead.Haiti could become worst than Somalia if we do not change our way of life.No international aid could prevent this disaster unless haitians reach a consensus to rehabilitate the country.

it is really sad that the slaves could get together to give us a country,whereas we,the so called educated ,could not maintain it.Shame,Shame, Shame on us all.

05-06-04, 10:38 PM
The media should be used to educate the people about the concequences of keeping having children and expecting relatives, friends, the government and other countries to take care of these poor children.

05-06-04, 11:37 PM
If we had a responsible media.The economist Jean Erich Rene has shown the correlation between the overpopulation and the scarcity of food.Since the country production is not increasing at the same rate as the population ,it is logical that the children are malnourished.We do not have enough capital to modernize our agriculture;then it becomes imperative for the government to educate the population of the consequences of having more children.
This situation should be the greatest concern of the government;yet it seems that nobody is realy preoccupied.I do not know,maybe I am loosing my mind;How did we become so lethargic.I think we need a hare instead of a turtle.