View Full Version : Don Bosco holds try out ahead of Season 2005-06.

10-07-05, 12:05 AM
Don Bosco de Petion Ville has produced many great Haitian players. The list includes Emmanuel Sanon, Isaac Chauvet, Abraham Mckenzy and more recently Jean-Philippe Peguero now with the Colorado Rapids (MLS). According to the club?s manager Bernard (w/ Radio Guinin) Haitian football, in general, is being suppressed by economical constraints mainly due to re-occurring political distress affecting the local economy and the club?s sponsors. The team mostly uses Parc St-Therese for training purposes and although advertising signs surround the field, the park appears to need major improvements followed by an adequate maintenance program.

Despite difficult conditions Coach Jean Wilbert Anglade is determined to build a strong team this season. The team lost 2 starters (unidentified) in the local transfer market but coach Anglade is pleased to have recruited a handful of young players with a lot of potentials through the team?s open try-out. Haitiwebs Soccer visited Parc St-Therese last Thursday where the coach had chosen to spend some time on physical conditioning, with hopes of getting the players to peak form for the start of the season. The Federation Haitienne de Football (FHF) and the LINAFH held a meeting last week to plan for the anxiously awaited Ouverture 2005-2006 season.