View Full Version : Philippe Vorbe starts another championship quest with Violette A.C.

10-14-05, 12:27 PM
Philippe Vorbe left the club in the midst of last season but loves the club so much that he returned to continue his mission with Violette A.C. Coach Vorbe was part of the 1974 Haitian national team that qualified for the country?s first and only appearance in the FIFA World Cup Finals. Coach Vorbe?s nephew, Sebastien Vorbe became the first Haitian player to join the MLS USA when he signed with LA Galaxy (in 2000). Haitiwebs Soccer asked the Haitian soccer legend about the plan he had for this strikingly young team.

According to Coach Vorbe, the club wants to focus on training youths. There are players in the 35 men squad as young as 15 years old; most of the players are between 18 and 20 years old and very few veterans that are up to 29 years old. Vorbe?s coaching staff wants to pass on their knowledge to young players over an extended period of at least five years. The young players will also benefit from getting the opportunity to acquire league experience early in their career. Last week Violette players trained their passing and playmaking skills, which hint that the coach wants to increase scoring opportunities this season. It?s not a surprise that Haiti?s recent top midfielders have came from Violette A.C, for instance both Wadson Coriollan (Uruguay) and Alexandre Boucicaut (now with the Rapids MLS) graduated from Violette?s Playmaking program led by Vorbe. Violette will need a pair of experienced strikers in order to benefit from this training program this season.