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10-15-05, 01:46 PM
Friday October 14, 2005, Aigle Noir and Tempete de St-Marc post victories on the first day of the Super Coupe. The Bel Air club, Aigle Noir, defeated the newly promoted US Freres by a score of 2:0. Tempete FC , the Belkolons, started the Cup with a bang by crushing lower division team Flora , by a score of 3:0. Second division, north region finalist, US Archaie held mighty Roulado de la Gonave to a scoreless draw. US Archaie lost to Dynamite FC in the north region final by a slim margin of 1:0 (first half goal by Henriquet Léon). Five times champion FICA, relegatedi last season, is the favorite to win the north region at the end of this season. Don Bosco de Petion-Ville and AS Carrefour also battle to a scoreless draw.

Due to heavy rain, ASPG VS Victory; Pofac(Fond des Negres) VS Cavaly ; ASGG de Grand Goave - Rangers de Miragoane were postponed and the following fixtures were rescheduled:
Racing de Gros Morne vs ASC du Cap; October 15 and 17 octobre, respectively at Gros Morne and at Quartier Morin.
FICA vs Accolade de Gros Morne; October 16 and 18 octobre, respectively at Quartier Morin and at Gros Morne.
ASSL de Saint Louis VS Racing des Gonaives was postponed due to an automobile accident. Racing des Gonaives players suffered minor injuries.
The Super Coupe final will be played at Stade Sylvio Cator on October 30th 2005. The cup winner will receive the Primature Trophy and a prize of 100,000 Gourdes. All participating clubs will receive a prize of 75,000 Gourdes (premiere division teams), 60,000 Gourdes ( deuxieme division teams) and 50,000 Gourdes (troisieme division teams) provided by the Secretairerie d' Etat de la Jeunesse et a l'Education Civique.