View Full Version : Ouverture 2005 live actions; Congratulations to Radio Galaxie

11-23-05, 03:51 PM
There's an increased online interest in Haitian Football and Haitiwebs Sport Section wants to congratulate Radio Galaxie (Click Here) (http://www.radiogalaxiehaiti.com/) for taking the lead on providing live coverage for Haiti's Premiere division. Numerous football fans have been disconnected from their favorite clubs and many Haitian Internet Media have decided to fill this gap. Not too long ago the Haitian national team players where strangers to the Haitian Diaspora and it was impossible to keep track of the Haitian Football league. The 2005 season has started with a flood of information and the Federation Haitienne de Football has decided to use modern communications tools to keep the fans updated on Haitian League activity.

Live actions start at 3:00 PM on Sundays. Radio Galaxie (http://www.radiogalaxiehaiti.com/) gives a summary of the games played before Sunday and has a reporter in each 1st Division league match being played. The Haitian football fans in the Diaspora will finally get to know their heroes, Clercant Clerjuste of Racing des Gonaives (http://www.haitiwebs.com/haitianforums/league/index.php?opt=viewteam&id=0017&sid=000000000016) for example has been on fire with 3 goals in 3 matches. The increase in media exposure will eventually help the Haitian Football clubs to find Sponsors. Sponsor revenue can take Haitian Football to another level. Haitians love football, it's an internationally known fact. Airlines, telecommunication companies, money transfer companies and other industries should look into Sponsoring Haitian Football because it could yield to considerable competitive advantage within this target market.