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12-21-05, 01:32 PM
Yele.org project: L?Athlétique d?Haiti

Children and youth in the Port-au-Prince slums of Cite Soleil and Bel Air live in conditions that are considered the worst in the Western world. Given that almost all primary education in Haiti is tuition-based, many children are out of school because their families cannot afford it.

Yéle Haiti is supporting an after-school sports and tutoring program called L?Athlétique d?Haïti. This group works with youth from the Cite Soleil and Bel Air slums of Port-au-Prince. In order to qualify for the program, which includes after-school tutoring and one hot meal a day, youth must be in school full time. Yéle Haiti is providing scholarships for a number of kids so they qualify for the program, and is providing funds to help pay staff, cover the cost of maintaining the facility, and buy uniforms and sports equipment.

650 children benefit from the program, 134 of whom also receive scholarships from Yéle Haiti to go to school.

Source: http://www.yele.org/