View Full Version : Haitian Soccer in the USA Gallery is launched on Haitiwebs.

01-13-06, 02:55 PM
In an attempt to create a communication network among Haitian Soccer organizations in the USA, Haitiwebs has created the ?Haitian Soccer in the USA? gallery (click here) (http://www.haitiwebs.com/haitianforums/gallery/showimage.php?i=1187&c=66). This Gallery will create an opportunity for the Haitian soccer teams in the USA to form relationships that could lead to other developments. In order to join this gallery, send an email to panofoot@yahoo.com, email must include the city, state, the name of the team and a team picture. Once the section is created, additional pictures can be uploaded by any member of the team (must be Haitiwebs Member to upload pics).

We are proud to introduce the first club to join this Gallery and the name and Mission Statement of this club is all about the goal that Haitiwebs would like to reach with this Gallery (L?union fait la force):

Haitians United FC (http://www.haitiwebs.com/haitianforums/gallery/showimage.php?i=1187&c=66) (Tampa, FL) (Click on team?s name to visit Gallery)
Contact Info: Lucito Cesar; Tel: (813) 770-0282; email: pincesar@yahoo.com
Special Thanks to our Sponsor: Dr. Doug Price; Florida PTI Clinic

Our Mission:

Our goal is to create a unified environment where Tampa youths can learn to help each other through teamwork. As part of our soccer training, Haitian and non-Haitians will learn that discipline is essential for team?s success. Our program gives them the opportunity to boost their self-esteem by engaging in healthy competitions. Haitians United FC will recruit and train young players and will give them a positive foundation to build on in football and in life. This Football Club will strive to create a positive image of Haiti in the Tampa community.