View Full Version : Flames Sign Experienced Goalkeeper- Luidgi Beauzile

01-18-06, 12:35 PM
Coach Henry Moyo and the Lee men's soccer team graduated one of the NAIA's best goalkeepers, but the Flames have reloaded with a new keeper with outstanding credentals. Kahl-Alain Luidgi Beayzile of Petionville, Haiti looks forward to the challenge.

Beayzile entered Lee last fall, but elected to wait until the 2006 season to become a part of the Lee team. He has been a member of the Haiti Junior and Senior National teams.

"Luidgi is definitely the find of the year," said Moyo. "With us losing two very strong keepers (Tuda Murphy and Andrew Butler), it was paramount that we get a very strong replacement for them and there is absolutely no question that Luidgi is that player."

Moyo explained that his new signee comes to Lee with a lot of soccer under his belt. "He has played high level soccer from junior levels in Haiti to high school and beyond," added Moyo. "While in high school he was a member on the Haiti National team."

While in school at Lee, Beayzile has watched the Flames train and observed all Lee games. "He knows what we want and where we are going," said Moyo. "He has already stated that he will carry the team and is not afraid of responsibility. He can easily be the best keeper in the region next fall."

Moyo noted that his first signee for the 2006 season, has also proven that he is an excellent and diligent student. He carries a 3.4 grade point average while working on his English. He plans to major in health science. He is joining his fellow countryman and teammate, All American, Ricardo Pierre-Louis who also has done extremely well academically.

"We are excited about Luidgi being a Flame and already enjoy his input to our squad," stressed Moyo.

The new keeper said he enjoyed watching Lee play against teams like Auburn-Montgomery and Berry last season. "They were good games," he said. "I feel like I can step in and help as a keeper. I feel like I'm coming in at a good time. I want to keep improving, get my degree and go on to play professional soccer. I also want to be a physical therapist and help people with problems."

He added that he finds the education at Lee and in this country "very good" but the food is a different story. "I have had a problem adjusting to the way things are cooked," he said with a smile. "In Haiti we had a lot of chicken and fish, but it was cooked different."