View Full Version : MLS potential Philadelphia owner discovered; prefer location in Philly than S. Jersey

03-26-06, 11:00 AM
MLS potential Philadelphia owner discovered
Andrew Murstein is a potential owner/investor in the new Philadelphia franchise

Kristian R. Dyer March 24, 2006

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ (MNN) - NyNjSoccer has learned that the man once linked to the Kansas City Wizards and a potential New York expansion, Andrew Murstein, has surfaced once again as a potential owner/investor in a new Philadelphia franchise.

Murstein, the President of Medallion Financial Corporation, has long sought after a sports franchise to add to his numerous investments and holdings. Within the past year, Murstein has been tied to several current MLS and potential expansion clubs. A source close to the situation has revealed that Murstein is the most prominent among a list of several potential investors interested in bring a MLS side to the Philadelphia area.

An avid Yankees fan, Murstein is believed to be attracted to a location closer to Philadelphia and on the Keystone side of the Delaware River rather then the proposed Glassboro, NJ location. Despite his desires to remain in Pennsylvania proper, the source indicated that Murstein has maintained a steady interest in a possible base of Glassboro, NJ.

Through his business dealings, Murstein has developed a savvy relationship with internet juggernaut Yahoo, a league sponsor. Last year, Murstein offered Wizards owner Lamar Hunt over $15 million dollars for the beleaguered MLS franchise.

NyNjSoccer will continue to closely monitor the potential investors in the second New Jersey franchise in MLS and the first major professional sports team to call South Jersey its home.

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