View Full Version : Exclusive Virtual Tour of Parc St-Victor Cap-Haitien

04-15-06, 05:34 PM
Parc St-Victor of Cap Haitien was inaugurated last week and will soon be hosting 1st division games. The Parc underwent several months of renovation through a Taiwan-Haiti Cooperation. For an exclusive virtual tour of Parc St-Victor CLICK HERE (http://www.haitiwebs.com/haitianforums/gallery/browseimages.php?c=80&userid=). Haitiwebs also want to recognize Cenatus Etienne Ovas who's been maintaining Parc St-Victor since 1935.

Comment by Kapwa:

Ovas (lol) Pano it is remarkable that we are recognizing that man , I (Kapwa) personally known Ovas for several years while playing soccer at the KENP (Commonly known as Parc St Victor). People mistreated the guy everyday , he has suffered all sorts of abuse including robbery .He lives inside the stadium since 1935 , got married and raised all his kids with the little money he got from FHF and his own means.Good Job to OVAS , An Authentic Haitian.

04-17-06, 03:01 PM
Wow!! It looks great, if we could get the before picture of the park, those who don't know would really be able to see the huge difference. I applaud those in charge for this tremendous effort.