View Full Version : NYRed Bulls name change again; still intested in Ronaldo; Re-evaluating stadium Plan

04-19-06, 02:28 PM
Red Bulls still interested in Ronaldo.

While Red Bull has grand plans for the team (it is still interested in obtaining Ronaldo, Real Madrid's Brazilian striker), the unique nature of the single-entity system in M.L.S. means the team probably needs to be run by someone familiar and comfortable with the system.

Red Bulls team name could change again to Red Bull Cosmos.

It is possible the team name could again be changed ? to Red Bull Cosmos ? because G. Peppe Pinton, who holds the Cosmos trademark rights, said in a telephone interview that he was willing "to give Franz Beckenbauer?s whatever he wants."

Red Bulls re-evaluating stadium plan in Harrison, New Jersey.

The Red Bulls are also re-evaluating the plan to build a new stadium in Harrison, N.J., a project that was begun six years ago by the previous owners, the Anschutz Entertainment Group. Red Bull is more inclined to stay in the New Jersey Meadowlands, which is recognized around the world as the soccer destination in the New York metropolitan area.

Excerpt from NYTimes.com article :