View Full Version : How would you rate the Digicell Cup ?

04-25-06, 10:00 PM
The Digicell cup is taking a different turn , we can safely say now there are no small teams in the league ... or maybe our players are not as talented as the they used to be. This is just my opinon since I have not watched a game for the last three years. Looking at the results I have noticed that there's no continuity in the league. A team might have just won the 1st round and then two weeks later, it can't even win a game; it is not like they lost all their players or everybody just lost their rythm. As of today(04/24/06) even Dynamite FC (http://www.haitiwebs.com/haitianforums/autolink.php?id=256&script=showthread&forumid=852) (11 pts) can win the league even though they are in 10th place with two games behind. I said that because Baltimore SC (http://www.haitiwebs.com/haitianforums/autolink.php?id=174&script=showthread&forumid=852) have won the first round with only 32 pts.

With only 6 games left Cavaly (http://www.haitiwebs.com/haitianforums/autolink.php?id=172&script=showthread&forumid=852) is leading the legaue with 17 points which means , it can't totalize more than 35 pts for the whole round , I think that's a little low. Baltimore is currently leading the the whole league(Ouverture and fermeture) with 45 pts (Aggregate), if they win their last 6 games they will totalize a maximum of 63 points(70%) out of the 90 possible.

Goal scoring situations, in the 1st round no team had scored an average of two goals per game. The closest was Racing Gonaives with 1.13% per game and things are not looking better in the secound round. With 9 games played by most of the teams, 3 teams have scored more than 10 goals so far and they are not even leaders of the league. 70 games have been played so far and the league is only averaging 1.72 goals per game (this is not good at all ).Which is exactly why we finished the 1st leg with 1.7 goals per game.(204 goals for 120 games).

Now that we the league is a little more organized, I think that the teams have to raise the level of their players a little bit. They should start scouting for talent all over the small towns to find talented young players. I'm sure there are a few out there ,we just need to find them and when we do the competition will be a little more interesting. The fans will attend the games more. Digicell and other companies will probably invest more money in our players and the national team will have more options.

Let's not think we are there yet! The modern leagues are all about results and performance, judging by our statistics we are not doing good at all. If I have to grade the league I will have to give the teams an E (2.5 to 5 pts) of 10 .