View Full Version : Brazilian Coach Luis Felipe Scolari rejected the offer to coach England National Team

04-28-06, 04:17 PM
After media blitz, former Brazilian Luis Felipe Scolari rejects England offer
Ex-national coach prospect: 'my life was invaded, my privacy was disrupted'

LISBON, Portugal - Luiz Felipe Scolari will not coach the England national team, telling English officials Friday he is not interested in replacing Sven-Goran Eriksson after the World Cup.

?The English FA is going to choose a name. My name isn?t one of them because I?m closing this matter here,? Scolari said in Marienfeld, Germany, where he was visiting Portugal?s World Cup base. His comments were broadcast live by Portuguese state radio Antena 1.

?I was very pleased they considered me, but definitely at this time I want to draw a line (ending) this matter,? Scolari said.

Scolari said factors weighing in his decision to rebuff England?s interest included his fondness for Portugal and his reluctance to accept further media intrusion.

?I don?t want anything more to do with this England matter because in the space of two days ... my life was invaded, my privacy was disrupted. Today there are still 20 reporters outside my home,? Scolari said.

?This is not part of my life and it never will be. If that?s part of another culture, it?s not a culture I?m used to.?

He said he had a dinner with friends Thursday evening and they urged him to stay in Portugal.

?I feel I?m still important in Portugal for the national team, for the people of this country and for the project we?ve started since 2003? when he took charge, Scolari said.

He said he felt like he was ?in charge of a family, like taking care of my children.?

Scolari didn?t say whether he would extend his contract with Portugal beyond July 31, when it expires.