View Full Version : What Is Linaf Is Going To Do ?

05-08-06, 10:32 AM
We all remembered what happened to the Dynamite FC team after they draw the ASC,we are all sorry that their teamates and coach died as a result of that tragic accident but now the FHF AND LINAF have to do something .Dynamite is currently 5 games behind , with only three weeks to go can LINAF ask them to play all 8 games in a 21 days period , they haven't even decide anything yet.Some teams like AS Mirebalais ,Don Bosco,Zenith(play Dynamite on the 21st of May)Aigle Noir and Roulado which can still win the championship will not let these pts just forfeited , beside Dynamite will not need the 24 pts to keep itself in the 1st Division ,they currently have 28 pts in the overall standing and placed at 13th.If the FHF gave 3 pts to all of the 5 teams they missed during their recuperation Dynamite will only needs 7 pts to keep themselves in the " ELITE" one of the team they will have to beat is AS Carrefour which currently have 23 pts and 4 games behind.This is going to be a mess , i think they should ask them to play A game every Wednesday and Friday until the 31 of may which is the deadline set by FIFA for all National competitions to stop, and they will have to play all of their sunday games , this is the fair way of doing this , it wont be easy for them but at least they won't be able to blame anyone for what happened to them , this is a good team , the only one which haven't lost a game so far they do deserve to stay in the 1st division.What will the FHF AND Linaf do , i don't know what ever it is , it is going to be difficult.