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11-30-06, 08:41 PM
Today, November 30, marks the 25th day before the Birth Day of our Savior, Jesus Christ, once a Holy Day throughout Christendom, but now just another sentimental holiday, albeit one considered the most important, of all, not on account of man's need for a Savior, but because so many mindless merchants bank on the populace at large going nuts spending money on almost everything but that which focuses on Christ [media-dubbed Black Friday after Thanksgiving], and especially if it doesn't.
Thus far Christ and His Mass [Christmas] has been removed and or banned this Advent Season in the following cities or by these means:
November 27: New York City permits Muslim and Jewish religious symbols in the public schools-----for Ramadan the Star and Crescent, for Hanukkah, the Menorah-----but no Nativity Set for Christmas. The rationale: diversity needs. Irrational since the purpose is to be less diverse, that is, stripped of representations of Christ and thereby negating the meaning of Christmas while reinforcing the meaning of the non-Christian holy days. The courts thus far have upheld this discriminatory and blasphemous policy.
November 29: Chicago, Illinois has banned the Nativity scene from a Christmas celebration to be held on public grounds with the same excuse essentially. In both cases civil rights attorneys are aiding and abetting the haters of Christ under the guise of rights; apparently everybody but Christians has rights. The naysayers and disgruntled with clout want to be free from visions of Christ but they will not permit Christians the right to be free of religious symbols they do do not endorse but are forced to see, usually with their tax dollars. The media keeps insisting there is no war on Christmas. With watchdogs like these how long before Christians are fined for just advocating Christianity itself? Who will remain to maintain the public record of history gone terribly wrong?
The staff at Liberty Counsel has identified a list of retailers who are avoiding any mention of "Christmas" this holiday season or even banning employees from using the greeting "Merry Christmas." The list includes Best Buy, Barnes & Noble and others, such as Crate and Barrel.
A church in New Mexico was banned from including songs with the name of Jesus as part of its Christmas parade float;
A New York elementary school changed the words "Silent Night" to "Candle Light" for a school program;
Teachers in a Tennessee public school were told to keep "Christmas" out of their plans this year.

Source: Liberty Counsel, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is a nonprofit litigation, education and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and the traditional family.

12-03-06, 11:21 PM
May be I will not use B&N on line Christmas shopping, or will I be thrown at the lion if I don't shop there.

12-04-06, 10:06 AM
"To prohibit religious expression in a public forum (place) where other expression activity is permitted violates the Constitution."
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