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12-09-06, 09:03 PM
I am Dominican and I am currently in a relationship with a very smart and nice Hatian man. I love him very much, but he is so enigmatic that I donīt really know that he loves me back... He says he loves me, that i am his manman, his special madame. He also talks about a future together... However, the way protects his personal life make me have second thoughts about him.... I would like some answers from the experts in this forum:

1.- Are all Hatians so enigmatic?
2.- Is a culture issue not to share personal information?
3.- Is a culture custom to say ĻI love youĻ even if you donīt really mean it?

Please guys, help me with this questions.

Suggestions are highly appreciated!!!


07-31-07, 02:58 AM
What the difference with that ??? Seriously i don't see big difference to both of them country. Of course Haiti. We speak creole, french and live in the other side of the island. And Dominican speak spanish... What the deal ??? Sorry i don't call it mixed cultural at all. Tell me about a Cuban and a haitian. Or a Dominican and an Italian.

Al Saqr
07-31-07, 08:49 AM
He says he loves me, that i am his manman
I would get rid of this guy.

Lei Lei
01-02-08, 10:13 AM
Solid Foundation


Your question is not one of interracial relationships. Because trying to figure out whether a person loves you or not has nothing to do with race, culture or creed. Your question is one regarding trust, mystery, openness and communication. If I am understanding correctly, you love a man that you are not sure if he loves you. You know sometimes actions speak louder than words. Sometimes you have to follow your head and not your heart. Do you feel that he loves you? Does he show you he loves you? How long have you been with him that by now you wouldn't know? He calls you his "Special Madame". Special then indicates that there are others, wouldn't you say, because what is special if you are number one. Being number one speaks for its self, no need to tell you, you are special. that's just like saying "I got this especially for you." That's because I got that, especially for everybody else.

How can you talk about a future, if you do not know his past. Communication is keen in all that you do. Getting to know what you are getting involved with is essential, especially in this day and age.

I am no expert, but I do know that there are Haitian men out there who, even if it is a lie you would never know it, because the way that they make you feel, you would be deceived into believing that they love you. I know that there are some Haitian men out there who actually do, and are able to communicate that they love you. Usually, a man that is really ready to build with you, needs you to understand his past, and things that he is going though so that there are no surprises later. So that you can build on something solid. So he's not wasting his time. A majority of the time, when a person finds someone who they feel is even "qualified" they are so ecstatic that they get diarrhea of the mouth about themselves and experiences that they've gone through.


If you build a house on a cracked foundation, eventually it will come crumbling down on its own, without being disturbed. However, if you build a house on a solid foundation, even if a person, were to hit it with a wrecking ball, the house will still stand and you will only need to repair the wall that is damaged.

I hope this helps.

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01-02-08, 11:38 AM
What the difference with that ??? Seriously i don't see big difference to both of them country. Of course Haiti. We speak creole, french and live in the other side of the island. And Dominican speak spanish... What the deal ??? Sorry i don't call it mixed cultural at all. Tell me about a Cuban and a haitian. Or a Dominican and an Italian.
They are NOT the same culture. Look at asia and europe. Same piece of land. DO you feel they are the same culturally? :dry: Come on now