View Full Version : Chapter XXXIII - Oreste Zamor: 2/8-10/29/1914 was overthrown.

05-14-07, 07:59 PM
Oreste Zamor, heading a Caco army with his brother Charles, was quickly elected President. Oreste and Charles Zamor soon fell out with a former collaborator and rival, Davilimar Théodore.

Unfortunately for the Zamor brothers, the Banque proved difficult with funding again, the Orestes ran out of money and, therefore, soldiers. Amid much chaos, Theodore and his ally Dr. Rosalvo Bobo, entered Port au Prince at the head of a Caco army as Oreste Zamor took refuge aboard a German commercial ship and his brother sought safety with a General Polynice and a Committee of Safety. President Zamor is overthrown Joseph Davilmar Théodore succeeded as President on 7 November 1914.