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11-15-07, 07:24 PM
I was sixteen and sitting in the park with my boyfriend and my sister was sitting beside me with her boyfriend. I dared my sister to kiss her boyfriend and SHE DID IT!!! I was totally shocked...I thought she would chicken out, guess I was wrong. She then dared me to kiss my boyfriend, but they didn't push the matter because I haven't had my first kiss, yet. But I was a stubborn and I didn't want to out done by my younger sister...so I leaned over and gave him a quick "peck" on the cheeks because they didn't say on the lips. "No, you have to kiss him on the lips!" said my sister, I began to blush ...I was so embarrassed that I had thought that they wanted me to kiss him on the "cheeks". I was humiliated!!!

Later on when they were about to leave, "the akward moment" we were standing around waiting for each other to make the first move. My sister's boyfriend leaned over and gave my sister a !!!"FRENCH KISS"!!!...now I was totally shocked. My boyfriend looked at his cousin and my sister kissing, and then he leaned towards me and I naturally closed my eyes (like I've seen in the movies). I felt a soft pressure on my lips and I was on a bus to heaven; it was breath-taking, my first kiss "on the lips". I felt the wet tongue and I was sort of scared, but it felt kind of natural to me. When our tongues touched, I opened my eyes a crack and I saw my sister and her boyfriend looking at us. I instantly, without thinking, pulled back and started blushing.

How about you? :sdroflmao:

11-16-07, 03:47 PM
Very sweet TiCam,
My first French Kiss - my first boyfriend - I was 17 and he was 24, my brother's friend (ex-friend :).