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Lei Lei
02-27-08, 09:17 PM
LAW 29

When following your dreams, you may die many times over. Self-sacrifice, resurrection or reincarnation will be something that you may need to do many times over and over again. It is because of this, the thought of sharing the wealth and glory with a new comer will be intolerable.

Many people react by the heart, and do not plan using their heads; thus their plans are vague and the individuals continually have to improvise. People like this find that they go through crisis after crisis after crisis. You know why, because they didn't plan till the end.

Don't get me wrong, shit happens. It's going to happen. But with the proper planning some things could have been prevented. Do not let a vague plan lead you into trouble. Ask yourself...Will this trail back to me? Is it worth it? What am I getting out of it? Will this stir up new enemies? Will someone else reap the benefits of my labor? And one more time.......Is it worth it?

Power. Power can be an ultimate sin. You must keep your secrets. Save your knowledge. See dangers at a distance. If you do not do these things you will end up having done all of the work and someone else coming and taking all of your glory.

Believe it or not "to much power is not what you do but what you do not want to do". Like chess it's all about the end game. The ending is where you are measured by "the glory, the money, the prize. Always keep the end in mind. Always. "You must also try to figure out how to ward off the vultures circling overhead, trying to live off the carcass of your creation. Anticipate problems and have solutions in place.....But don't over do it.......Sometimes you can create a what if that wasn't, and now it is, because you created it but solving a problem that wasn't there in the first place.

The main purpose and reason for planning steps ahead is so that you are not riled by emotion or a desire to improvise. Do not deviate off your plan unless mandatory. Include alternatives and have a degree of flexibility to your plan because if you do not you may find it hard to suddenly shift if something strikes straight at you. Only let qualified situations and individuals change your mark. If they or the situation is not qualified do not deviate. Keep a clear objective and think far enough to understand that though your future is uncertain, you are open to adaptation.:dccool: