• Actress Kim Jung Hwa’s Volunteer Trip to Haiti Revealed

    While many agencies reveals photos of their stars in their respective projects, or clad in expensive attire, Kim Jung Hwa’s agency, 4HIM Entertainment, has revealed images from the actress’ recent volunteer trip.

    Kim Jung Hwa recently went on a volunteer trip to the nation of Haiti which continues to reel from the disastrous 7.0-magnitude earthquake which struck the island nation back in 2010.

    With much of the infrastructure still greatly ravaged and its citizens still dealing with its effect, Kim Jung Hwa and her team went to volunteer at a local hospital, play with the children and do other activities. The actress was also able to personally witness the multiple mass graves for the countless hundreds of thousands of victims.

    Kim Jung Hwa recalled her experiences saying, “Despite two years having passed, the wounds and environment has yet to recover fully and I feel the rest of us are turning a blind eye to the situation. I believe we must realize their pain is our pain and continue to pour out to them our interest and love.”

    A representative for her agency, who also traveled with Kim Jung Hwa, added his reflection saying, “It was a beautiful time of healing as Kim Jung Hwa’s honest heart and the Haiti children, who have lost much of their livelihood and joy, came together. With Kim Jung Hwa’s heart, we hope more love will be sent for Haiti and its children who needs the support and encouragement.”
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