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    The U.N.: Dominican education standards are down

    The U.N.: Dominican education standards are down

    Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic registered a ?deterioration in the levels of education? among its population, where there is an evident higher rate of illiteracy, according to the Human Development Index for 2006, according to a presentation made by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Cape City, South Africa.

    The report, based on 2004 data, indicates that the Dominican Republic?s Development Index is at 0.751, placing the country at a 94th spot among the 177 countries that participated in the study. ?When compared with other figures published in the 2005 report, Dominican Republic shows an improvement with respect to other countries, from the 95th to the 94th slot,? according to the UN in a communiqué.

    The latter is mainly due to the ?performance of the Dominican economy.? The per capita income measured in dollars increased over 9%.

    ?Yet this increment in income is accompanied by deteriorated levels in education, because a diminished portion of the adult population is alphabetized, and combined registration of the three academic levels went from 76% to 74%,¨ according to the report.

    Measurements in the Dominican Republic are made in comparison with other Latin American and Caribbean countries, and ?it is noticeable that, as in previous years, the country continues to show lower levels in all aspects of its human development.

    Haiti is the only American country at category 154 of the total 177.

    Likewise, Norway ? as in other years - is the country with the best ranking, followed by Island, Australia, Ireland and Sweden, while countries with the worst living conditions include Nigeria, Sierra Leon, Mali, Burkina Faso and the Central African Republic.
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